28 November 2013

behind the scenes with Emma de Clario

Firstly, a bit of housekeeping!  I have decided to rename the {art love} project to This Wild Song.  {art love} is something that I've featured in my newsletters where I showcase artists that I've discovered and loved, I wasn't 100% on calling the artist portrait project the same name.  After reading a poem that featured in one of Emma de Clario's paintings I realised that This Wild Song was the perfect name.  You can read the poem on the This Wild Song blog here.

Emma is the first artist I have photographed and her portrait with an in depth interview is now live on This Wild Song.

I photographed Emma on a bright sunny day and had her lie in the bed of poppies in the shade for that even but bright light.  The theme for these portraits is for the artists to become a part of their work, and for that reason I'll be using an aperture of at least 11.   I shot Emma's portrait on 400 speed Fuji film for the high aperture and to bring out the green in the poppies, and the final shot was f11 with the shutter speed at 60.  I had the film processed and scanned by Hillvale which is a new lab in Melbourne and I definitely recommend them, the service is reasonably priced and super fast!

What I find interesting about Emma's work is how she applies beeswax to her paintings as the final layer, plus she often incorporates photos taken on her phone.  I love these layers in her work and I wanted to bring that into the photograph so I held a piece of dirty glass over the lens as I took the shots.

Please visit This Wild Song to view Emma de Clario's portrait and interview, and don't forget to follow us on facebook as well x

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