20 August 2014


So today my friend Clare Martin Lapworth and I went to take photos because we love taking photos!  Not for a deadline, not for a job, but for ourselves.  It's so easy to get caught up in the day jobs and forget how important it is to shoot for the love of it.  We only had a little time but it did me the world of good, shooting personal projects makes me crazy happy and jump with glee.  Note to self - make more time to create.  It's the ultimate nourishment.

17 August 2014

wandering, wondering. - Sunday

This afternoon's sky as we sprint to spring...  Life is hectic.  My arts practice is still starving for attention.  And with a solo in January fast approaching I'm starting to panic.  My eyes have had enough of this screen.  I've had enough of winter now, I feel so constricted wearing all these layers.  Although, I think I've coped quite well this year.  Yet I'm always pining for summer.

onefourfour: 2015

I'm very excited to be continuing my onefourfour project in 2015!!  I'll be presenting another 12 brilliant Australian artists, you can check out the 2015 artists on the blog http://onefourfour.blogspot.com.au/

I LOVE this project.  It's so fun and it's so awesome discovering art as it appears in my emails each month.  So great.  Get on board!

15 August 2014

onefourfour: July

Our onefourfour theme for July was REPETITION.  I chose to photograph the ocean.  There's just something about the repetition of those waves rolling in...