25 August 2015

the shadows

Every year photography magazine Capture Mag seeks submissions from photographers which then becomes The Annual.  I submitted some work and as I got them together I realised there's a lack of faces and how dark all my work is!  Which also makes me think how it's the opposite of wedding photography...


These images are from the following series - #currentmood, thisplace., This Wild Song and onefourfour.

Good luck to all the photographers that have entered, can't wait to see what gets selected for the mag!

06 August 2015

pulleys and thread

I took photos of myself the morning of my surgery to say goodbye to my boobs.  And it got me to thinking that perhaps others would like pre-surgery portraits...  I've contacted Peter Mac to offer my services to patients who are having mastectomies, at the moment I can only commit to one shoot a month (once I'm back on my feet) but if you know of anyone who would like a portrait please pass on my details as I'd like to give them a photo shoot x