28 December 2011

Introducing Miss I {newborn photography melbourne}

I had the honour of photographing this beautiful girl when she was one week old.  This portraiture session was special to me as it produced a defining moment, but also because I photographed the couple's wedding and it's so lovely to see their wishes come true.  

I wish them all the best for their gorgeous future! x

22 December 2011

Merryness and Newness

It's that time of year where we're rushing to the finish line but it's also a time of reflection, and excitedly planing for the year ahead.  

I want to thank all you lovely peoples that listen to my ramblings and check out my work.  I've had quite a year!  I was taking a break while my little one was still little, worked on the 365 project which has unfortunately fallen by the wayside while exhibitions and Illy Photography has taken over.  365 is sitting patiently, ready to be edited and I hope to work on it soon.

2012 is already booked up with exhibitions throughout the year, special mini portraits in January, the Portobello Bride boutique wedding market and I have a plethora of new ideas to work on (muchos excitement).  I'm currently taking bookings for portraiture sessions and wedding photography so please check out my work on the website, and feel free to buzz me on 0407 802 640 with any questions.  I'd love to hear from you!

Wishing you all a wonderfully relaxing end to the year, and I'll see you (with recharged batteries) in the new year xxx

21 December 2011

Curious Grace

Four pieces from the Dance, Sucker. series are currently residing at Curious Grace, a gorgeous shop in Seddon with soooo many beautiful things!  So if you didn't get a chance to see Dance, Sucker. at the Substation or just want to have another look, be sure to pop in and check out this awesome shop.  

They stock polaroid film.  Enough said.

20 December 2011

SUMMER IS SUPER mini sessions

Would you love a portrait of the kids as they start school?  Or have you always wanted a great photograph of you and your Nan?  Well, you're in luck!  To celebrate my love of summer I'm very excited to announce a special mini session portraiture package!!  This is a once only special so please register your interest by the 30th of December.

~ 15 minute portraiture 
session to be held at picturesque gardens in Yarraville or the city (Melbourne)
~ Digital negatives 
presented on disc at high and low resolutions for you to upload, share and print as you please
~ 5 - 10 individually processed photographs 
including colour and black & white images

To register your interest please contact Ilona at 
ilona@illyphotography.com or 0407 802 640 with the following details;
* Name
* Mobile number
* Preferred date - Saturday 21st January or Saturday 11th February
   {Saturday 21st January is almost full so be quick!}
* Preferred time - morning or afternoon
* Preferred location - Yarraville or city

This is a once only special so please register your interest by the 30th of December.  And if you know of someone who would also be interested in this offer please do pass on these details.  Thank you! x

18 December 2011

frankie feature!!!!!!!!

You may have seen on Facebook or Twitter that I've been waiting not-so-patiently to confirm the most awesomest bestest news ever.  And now I can finally shout at you that A SHOEBOX FULL OF DRESSES HAS BEEN FEATURED IN FRANKIE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!  I didn't believe my lucky stars until I held issue number 45 in my little hands and stared at the double page spread of my work.  Thank you thank you to the lovely frankie girls, if I meet you in person I'll give you a pick-you-up-and-squish-you-until-your-ribs-hurt hug.  And I bet my Postie is thankful that I've stopped stalking him at the letter box every day.  Sorry about that Mr. Postman.

Ps. the a shoebox full of dresses series will be exhibited at Brunswick Street Gallery 3 - 16 February 2012.  The opening is 6 - 8pm Friday 3rd February and doubles as a book launch hooray!!

12 December 2011

A Defining Moment

I'm one of those artists.  You know the ones.  They've known since they were little that they wanted to create for a living, for their life.  I think at first I wanted to be an illustrator and author, but I remember my public declaration of love for photography as clear as Gladwrap.  We were on holiday in our caravan, mum thinks I would've been about ten at the time, and I set up a shot of my Walkman and Icehouse cassette.  How avant garde.  After taking the photo with my powder blue 110 camera, I went and told mum that I wanted to do a photography course one day.  Fast forward to 1998 and I completed my fine arts degree.

I still love that Icehouse album.

I bring this up as I had another moment/epiphany/light globe smacked in the head.  Last week I had a newborn session and the first image I edited (see below) made my stomach lurch and, I admit, tear up.  And then the bub's mum told me it made her tear up.  So I teared up again.  At first I thought my reactions were just because I'm a mum which gives you the ability to cry at nappy ads, but I realised it was something more.  All this eye-dabbing was a big reminder that a photograph can hold great power and what an amazing thing that is.  

I've always known that I want to create forever but this defining moment really brought home how rewarding creating for others is, plus it's something that I need/want/am meant to be doing.  Being able to create for others as my day job just happens to be a bonus.

*Disclaimer: Consumption of biscuits is recommend with this post as it seems to be quite cheesy x