10 February 2014

onefourfour project: January theme

This piece is in response to the first theme of the
onefourfour project which is LIGHT.  I've had this idea floating around in my head for over year so it's feels great to actually manifest it!  It turned out differently to how I first envisioned it and when I first looked at the shots I wasn't sure I'd be able to pull it together, but I'm happy with it in the end.

onefourfour was created and curated by me, and the idea behind it was to encourage artists to experiment with new mediums and keep creating regularly to allow our practices to grow.  Here's how it works;

Twelve Australian female artists have been invited to participate in
onefourfour which sees them create one work a month for one year.   Every artist is assigned a month to choose a theme that all the artists work to, and the results are posted on the onefourfour blog at the end of each month.  The only restriction is that the work is to be 6 x 6".  This small canvas size was chosen so it's a quick and fun exercise and doesn't become a daunting task to create a piece every month.

An interview with one of the artists will also be featured on the blog every month so you can learn more about them, their arts practice, and their processes.


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