23 November 2014

thisplace. exhibition

 Climbing the mountain © Ilona Nelson

opens Saturday 10th January 2-4pm

exhibition runs 13th January - 22nd February 2015
360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122

That's not funny © Ilona Nelson

Well, it's been almost three years in the making... but it's nearly time for my solo show thispace.!  It's a new media series featuring photography, film, interactive installations, plus colouring-in and a giant blackboard for the kids.

thisplace. explores the realities and complexities of motherhood, questions what is left unsaid, and aims to start an honest conversation (without judgement!).  I've found it difficult to see exhibitions with my children and this show will definitely be kid friendly!  I want you to feel welcome to come in and hang out (it'd be great if mum groups used the space to catch up), to make noise, interact with the work, contribute to an installation with any thoughts about motherhood and what maternal means to you - you don't have to be a mum.  There'll also be an open studio happening next door so you'll be able to see art being made which I think is very, very cool.

I've got the whole room pictured in my head and it looks so awesome.  I hope I can pull it off.

22 November 2014

last summer.

onefourfour: October

Our theme for October was COLOUR.  I really love the work everyone made for this theme, you can see them all on the onefourfour blog here!

arvo glow.

I'm sorting through the photos I've got sitting on my computer, trying to get stuff off so I can load more on.  Just found this nugget from July.  Goodness me I go all swoon-like over the afternoon glow.  SO.  GOOD.

03 November 2014

onefourfour: FEAR

Our onefourfour theme for September was FEAR!  This is my final piece.

I had the idea of using the water like a cocoon, capturing it just before it hit, creating a feeling of anxiety.  The visual in my head was a dark photograph, exposing for the highlights.  And when I finally got to go shoot it?  It was the sunniest day you ever did see!

I had a friend throw creek water on me, and another pressing the shutter.  It probably would've looked better if I was facing the camera but to be honest I couldn't keep a straight face I was laughing so much!  It was so fun, I love doing things like this for photos.  But it was the sound of the water leaving the bucket WHOOSH, bracing myself for the moment of impact EEEK, then the unavoidable THWACK as the water hit my face that cracked me up.  Oh and it was chilly too (UNDERSTATEMENT).

Post kids I have my photos completely planned in my head, then when I go and shoot it usually comes together pretty well or it takes a happy turn.  This wasn't one of these times.  I was so disappointed (another understatement) when I downloaded these files as it didn't reflect what I had seen in my head.  And to be honest it had been a while since I had a big old FAIL (haven't been shooting enough obviously).  I was trying to edit it into what I wanted it to be but then I had wise Jason Lau's voice pop into my head saying 'you can't turn a photograph into something it's not'.  Or thereabouts.  Anyhoo, good advice.  And so this is what my photograph became.

Here's a couple of outtakes;