20 November 2013

the first {art love} portrait!

I spent Tuesday morning with the lovely and the talented Emma de Clario shooting the first official {art love} portrait yay!  That's our it's a wrap photo above...

I had a so much fun hanging out with Emma and I'm loving how this project is turning out to be a collaboration with myself and the artist I'm photographing.  I'm already finding it so fulfilling and I've only just begun!  I have so much energy for this series, and so many ideas, and I'm totally bursting with fruit flavour (Reality Bites quote unquote).

I dropped the film off today and can't wait to check out the scans, but in the meantime I will be interviewing Emma about her work so stay tuned for her feature in the not too distant future.....

The Question Not Asked 
© Emma de Clario
see more examples of Emma's work at http://emmadeclario.com

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