26 May 2014

onefourfour: April

Our onefourfour theme for April was FORM and this is my piece.  I put on as many dresses as possible, was pretty hot under there.  Plus I forgot my remote so lucky Erika was there to press the shutter!  Check out the other eleven awesome works at http://onefourfour.blogspot.com.au/2014/05/april-form.html

I've realised that my three projects (onefourfour, This Wild Song, and my upcoming show thisplace.  about motherhood) seem to be overlapping with themes of camoflague throughout...

06 May 2014

onefourfour: March

For the onefourfour project we work to a different theme every month, and March's theme was COLLAGE. 

It took me a little while to come up with an idea for this theme as it was so broad, so I started where I always do - thinking about where I was at in my life at that point.  And it so happened that I was feeling pretty jaded with the arts industry and questioning my arts practice.

I had splurged and bought the Art Collector magazine, I didn't even finish reading the mag and started cutting out the pretty pictures to make a collage instead.  Once I removed the colour images I realised I preferred what was left behind.  I found my favourite page where you could see glimpses of the rest of the magazine and turned it into a mask that I could tie on my head for the photo.

I shot this in the afternoon using window light.  I set up the camera, put my dots on then realised I had 10 minutes before I had to pick my son up from school!  I tied the magazine to my head and wrapped the string around my hair to keep it in place.  I knew exactly how I wanted it to look so I used the remote to take a lot of photos, and continually moved my head to ensure I photographed the magazine at the right angle.

I love how it turned out and it looks beautiful printed on cotton rag paper.  My idea for onefourfour came about from wanting to push my practice further and develop ideas that have been floating around my head for a long time, and it's working!  I love this project and I love promoting female Australian artists, there are so many talented women and I hope you enjoy the works that are being created for onefourfour.  Good times.