27 April 2011

And now, for something a little different

Blarney Books Biblio Art Awards is a fun competition where you choose one of their books and use it to create art.  I chose A Terrible Beauty because of its title and this is what it became - 'Nation Light', gouache, enamel, acetate and ink on paper.

24 April 2011

Update - The 365 Project

Check out The 365 Project page!  I've updated it today with another 17 days of photographs.  17 weeks down and only 35 to go..  

I'm really enjoying the project so far, obviously there has been ebbs and flows - like when I woke up at midnight and realised I hadn't taken a shot that day!  See if you can work out which one that was :)

Autumn Sun

I miss what we had of summer,
but lucky for me we have gorgeous autumn days like this to play in the park..

Happy easter to you!

20 April 2011

Vote for Tilly in CCP's People's Choice Award!

Voting for the CCP Kodak Salon People's Choice Award has gone online this year, please go to their Facebook page and 'like' Tilly x

13 April 2011

A wedding by the seaside - Illy Photography

Please note that I'm currently on maternity leave and taking bookings from August 2011.  Go to the Illy Photography website for more wedding photography information and call Ilona on 0407 802 640 to book an appointment, with no obligations.

You can also find us on FacebookTwitter!

06 April 2011

05/04/2011 - The 365 Project

Motherhood has turned me into a walking cliché.. but time is absolutely flying!  My gorgeous boy Rowland is 6 months already!  I'm so lucky to be home with the boys full time and second time round I really appreciate everything (except maybe, teething).

While I am at home I'm busy chipping away, getting ready to launch Illy Photography full-time later in the year.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you're getting married (hooray!) or want to book a portrait session.

Ps. please come say hi somewhere in the world wide web;

The park

J would stay at the park 24 hours a day if I let him..