10 August 2013

ig love

Since I finally got around to obtaining a phone with a decent camera I've gotten right into instagram.  I love that I can quickly capture the pockets of light I find and the little moments around me without having to drag my SLR around, and edit on the go!  I have a ridiculous backlog of editing to do on my personal snapshots of the family so I don't want anymore to pile up.  Us mums are time poor creatures.  I have plenty of ideas written for when I can actually get out and shoot, but being able to take these snaps in between makes me feel like I'm still creating which makes me happy.

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ps. I don't do many food pics or selfies (except for that one above).  promise.

07 August 2013

Book | Film | Painting

One day when I was clicking around the internet I stumbled across Stuart Pilkington's project he curated called Someone I Know.  He had given selected artists the brief of photographing someone they know and I love the simplicity of this, and how beautifully everyone's images work together.  I emailed Stuart, and later he wrote to ask if I'd like to be involved in his next curated project Book Film Painting and create an image responding to either a book, film, or painting.  I chose Rachel Power's book The Divided Heart: art and motherhood and created the above image of my eldest. 

Geek speak: I shot it on a Nikon FE with 28mm lens on Fuji film, and it's a double exposure created in-camera.

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