30 March 2011

see my work at the Kodak Salon exhibition

I've put a couple of pieces into the Kodak Salon exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Photography.  It's always a great show so come check it out!

Opening: Thursday 14th April
Exhibition: 15th April - 4th June
CCP: 404 George Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065

21 March 2011

sneak peek

Gorgeous couple, gorgeous wedding, gorgeous location.
More photographs coming soon!

For more info about wedding photography please go to illyphotography.com
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18 March 2011

more annie love

This photograph of Annie Leibovitz's mum hasn't been far from my mind since I saw her exhibition two weeks ago.  I find the portrait so powerful, perhaps because of the lighting and it's simplicity compared to her big budget shoots.  

But the power of the portrait doesn't translate through replicas in books or on the screen, you really have to see it in the flesh to appreciate the depth in the photograph.

10 March 2011

dear annie

These are a few images from my adventure in Sydney with Rowland to see Annie Leibovitz's show at the MCA.  If you can get yourself there before the end of April I highly recommend you go!!  I find her photography very powerful and it's left me with a lot to think about (I must admit to being a total photo-dork and trying to work out what apertures and lighting she used).

I also saw Petrina Hicks at Stills, Polixeni Papapetrou's retrospective at Australian Centre for Photography and Louise Boscacci at Rex Irwin.. I loved all these shows as well.

R & I had lots of fun going for a massive walk in the botanical gardens, catching up with a long lost friend, randomly finding awesome japanese for dinner, happily discovering the bats flew right in front of my hotel window, enjoying the heat (Melbourne seems to have forgotten about summer unfortunately) and shooting some film with my Diana.