31 March 2010

Win some art in April on Facebook!

I always get sad this time of year, when the days are getting darker and colder.. Bring on Spring! So I thought I'd give away two pieces of work to cheer you up, and you can do it either of two ways;

#1 JOIN my Facebook page during April, email me your contact details and go in the draw to win a 30x30cm canvas print of You Swept Me Off Your Feet.

#2 Already following my Facebook page? SUGGEST the page to friends in April, email me your contact details and the names of your friends (more friends more chances to win), sit back and wait for your name to be pulled out of a hat. Literally. The lucky winner will receive a framed 8x12" artist proof of Wistfully Yours, a hand coloured artist proof from The Family Mould series.

The competition runs from the 1st until the 30th of April and the two lucky winners will have their name pulled out of a hat on the 1st of May. Stay tuned!

Any questions let me know :)

28 March 2010

Happy Website

I've given my website a much needed clean illyphotography.com

and yet, they always seem to be a work in progress...

24 March 2010

One of my favourites..

I've just re-discovered one of my all time favourite photos I've taken of my son. This was shot in August 09 so I have lots to go through once I have some downtime in winter...