29 December 2010

The 365 Project

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've decided to tackle the beast that is The 365 Project. A photo a day for a year.  I think it's traditionally self portraits but with two boys under three that task feels like it would be near impossible for me!  So my version will be a visual journal of christmas day 2010 to christmas day 2011.. guess it should be The 366 Project then.  Anyhoo, head on over to The 365 Project page to see my photographs.  I aim to upload new work every week or two, wish me luck lego kitty!!  

21 December 2010

twenty things

The current Frankie mag features a few people listing twenty things they did in the last twelve months which I quite liked.  So here's my list..

1. grew a baby
2. developed an impressive cola and chocolate addiction
3. wished I could either have short or long hair
4. got THE best wedding anniversary present ever - flight to Sydney to see Annie Leibovitz show
5. found out that we give wedding anniversary presents
6. wondered why people still don't know how to recycle properly??
7. did lots of gardening
8. fell in love with my Diana camera some more
9. chased the elusive balance of life
10. quit my day job
11. wished I could press a button and be fit 
12. thanked my lucky stars for two healthy boys
13. went to The Gig of The Year - Them Crooked Vultures
14. didn't learn to love cleaning the shower
15. read lots of art mags
16. was chosen to be an Avant Card for the third time!
17. drew on the concrete with chalk
18. decided to do the 365 Project in 2011
19. found yet more motivation and inspiration for creating art
20. laughed

what did you get up to?

20 December 2010

Profile Picture does it again!

I entered the Edge Photo Imaging awards and they put together a reel of all the entries, lucky for me Profile Picture is the first image!  You can view the winners and the show reel on the Australian School of Wedding and Portrait Photography website.

14 December 2010

Inspiration: Rune Guneriussen

© Rune Guneriussen

I stumbled upon Rune's work via the 500 Photographers blog, and I think it's just beautiful.. I love how the installations and photographs have been executed.

© Rune Guneriussen

08 December 2010

a spring afternoon

I absolutely love the surprise of film!
These are few shots I took with my Diana camera (toy pinhole camera)..

06 December 2010

With thanks

This image was printed as thank you cards for our lovely family & friends who have been so generous in helping us celebrate and welcoming Rowland into the world..

Erika Gofton - Art Classes

For the Melbourne peoples - if you've been wanting to further your art practice Erika Gofton offers a series of fun, stimulating and challenging art classes and workshops which are suitable for beginners through to advanced.

Click here for more information on Erika's classes
Click here to view Erika's personal works

02 December 2010

17 November 2010

3 reasons why I love Avant Card

1. They support artists by printing their work as postcards for free & distributing them all around Australia.. for free.
(Avant Card have an open call for submissions, download the guidelines here)

2. They've selected my work to become a postcard 3 times!!
(See the works they chose here)

3. They also send you a box of your very own postcards to do with what you will.
(Please email your postal address to ilona { at } illyphotography.com if you'd like some)

Actually, make that 4.  They also turn your work into an e-card!  (Check mine out here)

new boots new boots new boots

First Diana polaroids

30 October 2010

Net Work

'Profile Picture' 
Edition number 3/5
40 x 50 cm
© Ilona Nelson 2010
**To enquire about this piece please contact me via ilona{at}illyphotography.com or 0407 802 640**

View 'Profile Picture' and more of the Dance, Sucker. series in the upcoming group show I'm in called Net Work at the Ballarat Art Gallery - opening 11 December.   Amanda Van Gils has curated a fantastic mix of Australian artists and it's going to be a great show!

Go to the Net Work website to find out how to support the show, info about the participating artists and all the news.  Don't forget to 'Like' Net Work on Facebook!

"If computers were available to Leonardo he'd be emailing Botticelli......"

Net Work is the first exhibition drawn from the membership of The Littlest Forum, an online forum for professional contemporary artists. In December, over 100 works from SA, Vic, NSW and Qld will be transported to Ballarat for this exhibition, giving the local audience an opportunity to see a broad range of contemporary art, including by artist's who have not previously exhibited in Victoria.

"This exhibition celebrates the diversity of ...TLF artists. Rarely do we see such a broad range of Australian art practice in a single show or have the opportunity to appraise so many different conceptual frameworks, styles, subjects and mediums all under the one roof. "

Each participating artist is making a personal contribution toward the costs of the exhibition and the Art Gallery of Ballarat are generously covering some of the presentation expenses involved, however the time and cost of developing and staging an exhibition of this size is considerable, so we are asking for your assistance.

Do you want to be a part of something great and add to Australia's cultural strength?

We invite you to become a Net Work supporter and receive either a tax benefit or a gift in exchange. Supporters can either: make a tax deductible donation through Australian Business Arts Foundation's (AbaF) Cultural Fund. Or if you prefer you can donate set amounts through Fundbreak and receive a gift in exchange (not tax deductible).

13 October 2010

Sometimes I Feel Like a Soul

Sometimes I Feel Like a Soul
Limited edition of 5
Paper size: 20 x 30" / 51 x 76 cm
Image size: 16 x 26" / 40.5 x 66 cm
© Ilona Nelson 2007

**There is now only ONE print available (edition number 5/5) to be purchased of Sometimes I Feel Like a Soul, please contact me for details; ilona {at} illyphotography.com**

Ps. Postcards and gift cards of Sometimes I Feel Like a Soul are available to be purchased from RedBubble
You can also find me at illyphotography.com and on Facebook

29 September 2010

Illy Photography proudly supports the World Wildlife Foundation

I've always thought it important to 'give back', even more so after becoming a mum as I want my kids to appreciate how lucky we are and understand how important it is to help others.  Because of this I donate a percentage of profits from Illy Photography to WWF - Australia.  I think it's a great organisation as it's working to preserve our beautiful Australian landscape as well as helping international causes like the victims of the Pakistan floods.

27 September 2010

Vote 1 for Art

I've randomly entered a competition.. if you have a chance I'd really appreciate it if you could vote for my work!  Thank you thank you thank you http://www.onelifephotos.com/IlonaNelson

Art is the winner.

08 September 2010

Illy Photography - Maternity

The Shadow
Purchase print from RedBubble

Vintage Silhouette #1
Purchase print from RedBubble

Vintage Silhouette #2
Purchase print from RedBubble

Cloudy, with a chance of rain

Edition of 3
Inkjet print
Image size: 20 × 30” / 51 × 76cm
Paper size: 16 × 26” / 40.5 × 66cm
$400 inc GST & postage
Please email ilona{at}illyphotography.com to purchase
Gift cards available to be purchased via RedBubble

All images © Ilona Nelson

30 August 2010

Write To Me

I had a great time the other day shooting the new range for the lovely Write To Me ladies.  
Their hand made stationary is beautiful!

Write To Me is a boutique stationary and homeware company created by sisters Nicoletta & Anna Constanti.  Each product is designed, hand printed and crafted in their little Melbourne studio.  
Find them on madeit.com.au

26 August 2010

Thank you Avant Card!!

Thank you Avant Card for supporting artists!  They have selected 'Profile Picture' to be printed as an Avant Card and distributed around Australia, it'll be hitting the stands in November.  And incredibly, this is the 3rd time my work has become a postcard!!

Profile Picture
Dance Sucker series
Edition of 5
Inkjet print
40 x 50 cm (framed)
$350 inc GST
Please email ilona{at}illyphotography.com to purchase

Available to be purchased via RedBubble

Edition of 3
Inkjet print
Image size: 20 × 30” / 51 × 76cm
Paper size: 16 × 26” / 40.5 × 66cm
$400 inc GST & postage
Please email ilona{at}illyphotography.com to purchase
Gift cards available to be purchased via RedBubble