22 September 2014

Feather & Noise


I always found it a hard question to answer when people asked me where I worked, but eventually I twigged that I can say I'm a freelancer!  Smart huh.  One of the four women I work for is Alison from Feather & Noise which is a local fashion business.  I shoot the look-books and do a little work behind the scenes, and it's super fun.  We often work with stylist Anna as the model, it really is the dream team and doesn't feel like work at all!  These are a few of my favourite images from this year....

You can find F&N on instagram with website coming soon!

21 September 2014

Disposable Camera Project

I love this project by Colour Box Studio!  You get a disposable camera, have 24 hours to shoot, then hand it back in and wait impatiently to find out how your photos turned out...  This is the third edition and I've participated in all of them, this time they're also making a book of selected photographs from the project and I'm lucky enough to have some work in there.

Come along to the exhibition at Ruffian Gallery and check out photographs from 120 different cameras, can't wait to see them all!