12 December 2011

A Defining Moment

I'm one of those artists.  You know the ones.  They've known since they were little that they wanted to create for a living, for their life.  I think at first I wanted to be an illustrator and author, but I remember my public declaration of love for photography as clear as Gladwrap.  We were on holiday in our caravan, mum thinks I would've been about ten at the time, and I set up a shot of my Walkman and Icehouse cassette.  How avant garde.  After taking the photo with my powder blue 110 camera, I went and told mum that I wanted to do a photography course one day.  Fast forward to 1998 and I completed my fine arts degree.

I still love that Icehouse album.

I bring this up as I had another moment/epiphany/light globe smacked in the head.  Last week I had a newborn session and the first image I edited (see below) made my stomach lurch and, I admit, tear up.  And then the bub's mum told me it made her tear up.  So I teared up again.  At first I thought my reactions were just because I'm a mum which gives you the ability to cry at nappy ads, but I realised it was something more.  All this eye-dabbing was a big reminder that a photograph can hold great power and what an amazing thing that is.  

I've always known that I want to create forever but this defining moment really brought home how rewarding creating for others is, plus it's something that I need/want/am meant to be doing.  Being able to create for others as my day job just happens to be a bonus.

*Disclaimer: Consumption of biscuits is recommend with this post as it seems to be quite cheesy x


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