30 October 2010

Net Work

'Profile Picture' 
Edition number 3/5
40 x 50 cm
© Ilona Nelson 2010
**To enquire about this piece please contact me via ilona{at}illyphotography.com or 0407 802 640**

View 'Profile Picture' and more of the Dance, Sucker. series in the upcoming group show I'm in called Net Work at the Ballarat Art Gallery - opening 11 December.   Amanda Van Gils has curated a fantastic mix of Australian artists and it's going to be a great show!

Go to the Net Work website to find out how to support the show, info about the participating artists and all the news.  Don't forget to 'Like' Net Work on Facebook!

"If computers were available to Leonardo he'd be emailing Botticelli......"

Net Work is the first exhibition drawn from the membership of The Littlest Forum, an online forum for professional contemporary artists. In December, over 100 works from SA, Vic, NSW and Qld will be transported to Ballarat for this exhibition, giving the local audience an opportunity to see a broad range of contemporary art, including by artist's who have not previously exhibited in Victoria.

"This exhibition celebrates the diversity of ...TLF artists. Rarely do we see such a broad range of Australian art practice in a single show or have the opportunity to appraise so many different conceptual frameworks, styles, subjects and mediums all under the one roof. "

Each participating artist is making a personal contribution toward the costs of the exhibition and the Art Gallery of Ballarat are generously covering some of the presentation expenses involved, however the time and cost of developing and staging an exhibition of this size is considerable, so we are asking for your assistance.

Do you want to be a part of something great and add to Australia's cultural strength?

We invite you to become a Net Work supporter and receive either a tax benefit or a gift in exchange. Supporters can either: make a tax deductible donation through Australian Business Arts Foundation's (AbaF) Cultural Fund. Or if you prefer you can donate set amounts through Fundbreak and receive a gift in exchange (not tax deductible).

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