26 August 2010

Thank you Avant Card!!

Thank you Avant Card for supporting artists!  They have selected 'Profile Picture' to be printed as an Avant Card and distributed around Australia, it'll be hitting the stands in November.  And incredibly, this is the 3rd time my work has become a postcard!!

Profile Picture
Dance Sucker series
Edition of 5
Inkjet print
40 x 50 cm (framed)
$350 inc GST
Please email ilona{at}illyphotography.com to purchase

Available to be purchased via RedBubble

Edition of 3
Inkjet print
Image size: 20 × 30” / 51 × 76cm
Paper size: 16 × 26” / 40.5 × 66cm
$400 inc GST & postage
Please email ilona{at}illyphotography.com to purchase
Gift cards available to be purchased via RedBubble

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