05 March 2014

the interwebs and me.

These days there are soooooooo many places to upload your work! I'm guilty of getting a bit too excited and joining a bunch of these sites, then I can't remember where I've put what, plus you need to update everything, then you have to google yourself to find the sites and that's kinda weird.  Anyhoo, over the last year I've been simplifying and deleting accounts (which feels awesome).  You can now find me on the interwebs in these places.....

Well you've obviously found this one :)  This is my personal blog where I talk about how I've created images, post personal photos and new works, and yap about what I'm up to.  I haven't been blogging very regularly lately for a few reasons like last year I was in research mode so I didn't create a lot of new work, I've given up trying to achieve much in the school holidays, and I think I get a bit of blog freeze.  I get caught up in thinking that each post has to be super but from now on I'm going to think of this blog as more of a journal.

onefourfour is the first project I've curated and it's long term spanning over one year.  On this blog you'll be able to see what the twelve artists (including myself) have created for each month's theme, plus there'll be interviews with the participating artists so you can learn more about them and their practice.

This Wild Song is another project I'm working on where I'm photographing and interviewing female Australian artists who I believe have a unique voice.  Here you'll find the portraits I have taken of the artists accompanied with an interview.  This series will be exhibited and produced as a book when it has been completed.

I'm pretty active on facebook (aka stalkbook) as it's nice and easy to use, but on the downside they now restrict how many of your likers actually see your posts.  It's pretty disappointing that people who had an interest in your work won't see your posts unless you pay to promote them, I think I'll need to focus on my other social media more in the future.

I'm a fan of good old instagram what can I say!  Even if I haven't got time to use the proper camera I'm still taking quick snaps on my phone, so I feel like I'm still able to create even if it's in small doses.  And just a heads up, I could take pics of clouds all day long...

I also suffer from newsletter freeze!  I create newsletters as a place to get all the news and info in one place but I tend to wait until I have a whole bunch of items so it's only sent out every month or two.  I'm now going to change the structure to short and sweet so it's easier to read and not so overwhelming.  I'm going to send out newsletters every 2 or 3 weeks, I think this is the best way to stay in touch with the latest goings on from the studio...

Last but not least is my website where you can view my work and see how it has developed.

A huge thank you for your continuing support, please come say hello in the interwebs, and feel free to let me know if there's anything you would like to see more or less of on any of these social media avenues x

Ps. all photos are from my phone archives...

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