12 March 2014

conversations on motherhood and dropper drive!

Since becoming a mother, I've discovered there's so much left unsaid about the realities of motherhood such as the loss of identity and the complexities of continuing an art practice after having children.  To explore this subject further I'm developing a new media project entitled 'thisplace.' which will be exhibited in January 2015.  I'm requesting honest feedback from mothers to help me understand what is unspoken about motherhood and why?

To continue my research into I am hosting a morning chat and cuppa at The Art Room for mums and artist mums to come along and contribute to an honest conversation about motherhood.  Everyone's welcome to come along (with or without kids) and contribute to the conversation, and help me brainstorm ideas.

I'm also seeking donations of medicine droppers and syringes to create a costume for one of the portraits based on this research.  I will need hundreds of them so please bring along any spares you have!  To RSVP please join the facebook page.

Thursday 20th March
The Art Room, studio 7 at the Cotton Mills
91 Moreland Road, Footscray

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