06 March 2014

Melbourne Now - a child friendly exhibition hooray!

If I ever meet Tony Elwood (the new director of NGV) I'll totally give him a hug to say thank you, thank you, thank you for curating Melbourne Now with so many child friendly elements!  Trying to go to exhibitions with kids is a challenge for sure, you whizz by the works and a lot of galleries aren't particularly receptive to having loud kids running around.  Once I even got a talking to by a young whippersnapper volunteer who told me that children can't touch the art...

NGV International
water wall, rainbow reflections, trugo, disco, music, birds, ping pong, elevator music, necklace making - but be warned that it's near a crazy loud exhibit...

NGV Australia (Fed Square)
drawing, shoe making, liquid watching, music playing, reading corner, paper basketball

We first visited Melbourne Now soon after it opened and the boys and I had THE best time, super duper fun.  I was so excited I bought a catalogue and we've been a few times, I still need to go another couple of times on my own to see the not so child friendly works.  Aaaaaand I meant to write this post just after we first went in December to spread the word but then the school holidays happened....

Melbourne Now
St Kilda Road (closed Tuesday's) and Federation Square (closed Monday's)
exhibition runs until March 23rd

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