08 May 2012

Dance, Sucker - behind the scenes

I love a good old sticky-beak at other artist's practices to see how the magic happens.  I love learning about their processes, the ideas behind their work, seeing where they work, everything!  It doesn't have to be my favourite artist either, it's just fascinates me how these ideas pop into our heads and how we turn them into reality.  I saw a Jackson Pollock retrospective at the Tate in London in '98 or '99 and I wasn't really into his work.   But once I saw and learned about how his work developed over the years I had a new found appreciation for his practice.  I was glad I got to see the show and left feeling quite fond of his work.

Blue Poles © Jackson Pollock
So in the spirit of that I filmed a behind the scenes tour of my Dance, Sucker. exhibition talking about the ideas behind the series and the works.  Like most artists, talking about my work isn't something I'm so comfortable with/great at and this is my first attempt at a behind the scenes film so it's a bit dodgy.. plus I probably should have looked in the mirror and slapped on some makeup :)

I plan on doing some more behind the scenes films when I'm shooting new work so you can see the process between the scribble in my journal and the finished piece.  Feedback is very welcome, please let me know if there's anything you'd like to know about how my processes and I'll include your questions in the next film.

For now, enjoy, and I hope you like the ending!

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