31 May 2012

collision. {personal}

I've been watching our silver birch tree change colour and the leaves are now a brilliant yellow which keeps yelling at me HELLO?!  I'D MAKE AN AWESOME BACKDROP RIGHT NOW!  And so, feeling the pressure from the tree and the impending leaf-drop, I've been pondering what image I could create.  There needed to be a figure in it but I felt it had to obstructed in some way.
Ping!  I had my light globe moment this morning (which luckily coincided with a small window of child free time) and worked super fast to create a flower mask with materials I had around the house.  I was literally working blind as I couldn't see through the flowers!  I set up the camera on a tripod, got the remote ready, tied the mask on and snapped away hoping my crazy idea would work.
Lucky for me it did!  When editing I added some texture and needed to bulk out a couple of the flowers, I'm loving the final result...

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