04 April 2012

creating, parenting and Sally Mann

I found this video via my old uni photography lecturer (old as in uni was a long time ago, not saying my lecturer's old.  Hi Brett!) and I'm finding it hard to put into words how I feel about it.  In a good way.

Sally Mann is an artist and a mother so it's no surprise that I was fascinated by this insight into her world, especially where her children speak about what it was like growing up with an artist.  I wonder how my boys will feel about their childhood when they look back?  They won't know any different I guess, except that their mum talks about photos all the time..  

Sally talking about making art just for fun made me love her even more, injecting joy and fun into art is a great thing!   Even though art is expression it doesn't have to contain layers of meaning and heavy emotions.  I personally like putting some of my silly humour in my works.  My next photographic series is based on joy and celebrating, it's in the planning stages now so I'm currently working on refining the costumes, lighting, locations, grant applications.. speaking of, I'd better get back to writing that grant app.

Hope you enjoy this video, let me know what you think x

Sally Mann from Alexander Joffre on Vimeo.

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