07 June 2015

winter reshoot for onefourfour

I'm getting all my onefourfour pieces ready for our show and have decided to reshoot a couple that I'm not happy with.  Today the kids and I went exploring in the bush and while they played dragons and pretended to chop down trees, I found the perfect trees for me to use as a backdrop.  Today I reshot August's theme of WINTER, very apt as it was 11c!

The last time we were out the bush exploring/trying to take photos a certain someone accidentally dropped my remote in the creek so I employed Mr. 7 to press the shutter for me.  Having kids definitely comes in handy sometimes!  Not always though...  I had another place picked out where the trees had been burnt (controlled clearing from summer) and the blue gum leaves had grown back, it looks so beautiful.  Buuuuut as soon as I picked my spot someone needed to go to the toilet, then someone wanted to go 'mining' at a different creek, so that didn't really work out.  Funnily enough that spot was where my remote was lost last time and I had the worst shooting day, I just couldn't get a composition and didn't shoot anything actually!  Maybe I'm not meant to use that location for a photo....  Anyhoo this is what I made today.

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