16 June 2015

BTS with MISO for This Wild Song

I was thrilled when Stanislava Pinchuk aka MISO agreed to be a part of This Wild Song.  I absolutely love her work and she generously gave me her time two days before she's was going overseas for 6 months.

The theme behind the TWS portraits is for the artist to become a part of their work so for MISO I wanted her to be absorbed in the galaxy or stars.  I used The Art Room to shoot in and hung lights from the roof to encase her but it wasn't quite the look I was after.  I then projected a galaxy onto her which worked great, MISO had also made a small work to project light through but the light I had wasn't strong enough which was really disappointing!  I shot digital, 35mm film and some polaroids which I need to scan.  

These are my favourites, there were so many great shots which is always a good thing!  The portrait I've chosen for TWS will be revealed on the website I'm building as we speak, I'll hopefully finish it in a couple of weeks after I've gotten past some other deadlines.

A huge thank you to Stanislava for not only saying yes, but saying yes to squeezing in the shoot, and just being lovely in general :)

Ps. I've now created an instagram account dedicated to this project which you can follow at @thiswildsong

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