07 December 2012


Jumping in the creek for this piece was THE FUNNEST thing I've done for ages!  My recent self portraits have been little adventures and not surprisingly, this one was too...

It was a super stormy morning and I had limited time but I decided to take a chance, so off I went to the location which is a creek just around the corner from where I grew up.  When I arrived the clouds were still holding onto the rain (yay) but there were horse riders around (not so yay as I prefer to avoid audiences when shooting self portraits!).  I was really hoping to do a shoot that day so I got brave and trudged on.

As I walked through the bush orange butterflies danced out of the long grass with each of my footsteps which was quite... magical.  I didn't even attempt to photograph them as I knew I wouldn't be able to capture the wonder of that moment and chose to enjoy, and absorb, it instead.  The closer I got to the creek the darker those clouds became.  They were quickly turning black, then along came the thunder and lightning.  And not just little rumbles and flashes either...

I picked my backdrop for the piece and danced around it a little, deciding how the composition was going to work.  The storm was almost directly above me now so I put my camera in a highly technical cover (a plastic bag) to protect it, ripped a hole for the lens and into the creek I went.  I wore my flipflops in at first as I wasn't sure if there would be yabbies in there but I soon broke one, so as usual I was running around the bush barefoot in a frock.  Which is, as I keep saying, when I'm happiest.

Creating this piece was such a joyous experience for me, it was hard to wipe the goofy grin from my face!  Barefoot in the mud, splashing in the creek, in the middle of a storm, getting drenched in the rain, listening to birds singing as I worked, with no presence of time.  So.  Awesome.

A couple of outtakes below;
I really like the stance of the figure on the left but I find the lines of the rock behind the face distracting.  And the image on the right is just me hanging out in the creek with potential yabby friends.

Here's one of my singers providing the background music, and I had to get a shot of the amazing clouds on my (soggy) drive home!
Ps. I don't normally use words like magical and joyous but they seemed appropriately goofy for this post...

Pps. When I told Dad about my adventures he suggested I should start doing landscape photography or get back to 'my painting'.  Sorry Dad.
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  1. love these...especially the green...and the dampness creeping up the dress :)

  2. the green dress is just perfect :)

  3. Thanks lovelies, this image worked out better than I than I imagined x


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