06 November 2012

The White Cube Workshop - registrations closing soon!!

huge thank you to Beat for the beautiful write up about The White Cube Workshop!

If you'd like to find out how I got my work featured in the local papers, Beat, Trouble, Art Almanac, Art Guide, frankie and Harper's Bazaar Australia, AND learn all about how to host an art exhibition AND get nuggets of advice from established artists AND have a portfolio review AND ask me anything in a Q+A AND join my mentoring group for continued support AND eat yummy food AND make new arty friends then this is for YOU.

It's going to be an action packed day as we have A LOT to cover, and there is only room for TEN peoples so BOOK YOUR SPOT RIGHT NOW!!!  I am seriously super excited to tell you everything I've learnt over the years, including what not to do, so you can fast track to putting on exhibitions you are proud of.  I wish there was something like this when I finished my fine arts degree 15 years ago but instead I just had to learn the hard way and make (embarrassing) mistakes along the way, and that's why I'm bursting to HELP AND SUPPORT YOU! :D

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