17 October 2012

my heart of trees - Behind The Scenes

I turned into the driveway on auto pilot as I'd done a trillion times before.  But this time I wasn't coming home, I was knocking on the door of a stranger to ask if I can borrow a bit of the paddock to shoot a photo.  

M&D moved into town three years ago but I still feel like I should be pulling into that horseshoe driveway, I have to consciously think about where I'm going otherwise my body steers me to the bush. I"m not sure how to describe how it felt being home again.  It was interesting to sit back a bit and watch the different emotions float around me which was everything from I belong here, this is where I should be, to I wonder if I could buy the property when they move?  (my plans of winning tattslotto without entering hasn't come to fruition... yet)  I don't think I actually want to move there, it's more that I've been feeling a bit lost and nostalgic lately.  Running around barefoot in the bush sets me free and grounds me at the same time, then I'm back on my way again.

The new owner was more than accommodating and welcoming, and it turns out her teenage son is on his way to becoming an artist so we had a big chat about that.  She introduced me as a real live artist which makes me chuckle.  She also said she'd love to see what I created that day so I'll go and visit when I'm out that way again.  Which is kinda nice.

Anyhoo without further ado, here is a little BTS video I made of me shooting my heart of trees...

The geeky stuff...  The final image was shot on my 17-85 lens | f4.5 | 1/250 sec | ISO320

This is the photo straight from the camera;

When editing I didn't add too much to the image as with the light behind me it already looks a little surreal.  If I brought a lot more into the photo it looked like I had plonked myself onto the image in photoshop.  In a super dodgy way.

So all I did was add some texture and warm it up by adding yellow tones and this is the final result!

I did 103 jumps by the way.  My (lack of) fitness is no match for that and my muscles were not amused, walking wasn't an enjoyable pastime for a couple of days...

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