10 October 2012

it was, because of two.

I got lost.

I got lost in sleep deprivation and nappies and tryingtocrammoreintoeverydaythanisphysicallypossible.

I've been focusing on two words; simplify.  honesty.

Every time I listen to Bowie I love him even more.  (sorry, got sidetracked)

I have known for a very, very long time what lies in my heart of hearts, but I didn't admit it out loud until I told my husband a couple of weeks ago...  And that is, that I'm saying goodbye to Illy Photography to focus on fine art.

I didn't want to admit this for many reasons.  (It's crazy to turn my back on Illy when I have been building the business for so long!  I always have such awesome clients I'll miss them!  How is this going to work??)  But once I did I felt relieved.  A physical weight off my shoulders.  I cannot believe how much brain space and physical time it has freed up.  I had no idea how long I spent looking at wedding blogs, comparing myself, scrutinising.  I no longer have a list of gear I think I need, I already have plenty.  Resistance creates stress, as my kinesiologist says.  (Ps.  How awesome is kinesiology??  Wish I'd got on that train earlier!)

What does the future hold?  I have no idea which is ridiculously freeing and exciting.  For starters, I have 7 series' worth of work in my head so that should keep me busy for a while.  I'm hosting the first The White Cube Workshop in December which I'm also super duper excited about as I want to help emerging artists.  When I left Uni I was clueless about putting on an exhibition, marketing, grant writing and everything else that comes with it.  I've recently started mentoring which I love and can't wait to do more of.  I'm thinking of doing a workshop for parents who are interested in photography and want to learn handy tips and tricks for getting great shots of their kids (let me know if you're keen!).  There may be an e-book or two at some stage.  I want to keep pushing the limit of what people define a photograph as.  I'm petrified of shooting artist portraits so I'd like to do that.

Oh, and grant writing.  There will definitely be grant writing in my future.

Please stay in touch, you can find me amongst the inter webs here:

(I didn't really use Twitter properly so in the spirit of simplifying I have deleted my account)

Thank you, thank you to my lovely supportive supporters.  I hope you'll continue on this super exciting and fun and suretobefullofsurprises journey with me xxx

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