12 June 2010

Dance Sucker

I went to the Sub Station in Newport today and shot the last 3 images for my series 'Dance Sucker'. It was great to shoot just for me but struggled a little with the running back and forth to the camera for self timing as I'm 5.5 months pregnant, and I keep forgetting I can't do what I normally do! And with all that forgetfulness I didn't even check if I still fitted into the dress* I'm wearing throughout the series but luckily I managed to squish myself in.

There was a Sudanese dance group there as well which added a nice soundtrack while I was working, anyhoot here is a sneak peak of one of the works in progress. Highlighting the ridiculousness of profile pictures;

Ps. if you live in Melbourne and have been thinking about doing a drawing course you should check out the lovely and talented Erika Gofton, details of the courses she offers are on Facebook.

*This Fleur Wood dress was an amazing second hand find at The Green Collective in Anderson Street, Yarraville. It's one of my all time favourite places to shop.

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  1. gorgeous pic and a dress to match!
    love all of the cameras :)


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