08 July 2015


Another failed visitingthebushtoshootnewwork trip but we did find this BEAUTIFUL gum leaf, in fact I found a branch that had fallen off another tree which I was going to drag back to Melbourne in the car but it didn't fit.  It was so pretty.  We also had a visit from a kookaburra which transported me back to my childhood, listening to their laugh was my normal background noise when I was growing up.  I miss opening the door and walking straight into the bush, looking out the windows at gum trees, the smell of the bush when it's raining and the songs of the birds free to be where they please...

Last night I dreamt I saw some pink galahs up a tree and I quietly sat on the ground to watch them, it was so peaceful... until some guy starting to chase me and I had to run off.  What a meanie.

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