22 April 2015

Trent Parke

There was a documentary on photographer Trent Parke on ABC last night which was about his current show The Black Rose at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Some thoughts...
I was super happy ABC was working (it's usually a black screen for us for some reason)
I wish it went for an hour, half an hour wasn't enough
I thoroughly enjoyed it, the doco flowed beautifully
It's always so fascinating to get an insight into how an artist works
There was a photograph he shot of a road at night which has stayed with me, I can't find it on the interwebs so I think I need his book
I think Trent Parke is in a league of his own, his work is so unique
His work makes me feel... that lurch, skating on the edge of bursting into tears

And I leave in awe of his work, wanting to create more, to focus on creating work that is driven from my core, overwhelmed.

You can watch the program on ABC here

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