23 November 2014

thisplace. exhibition

 Climbing the mountain © Ilona Nelson

opens Saturday 10th January 2-4pm

exhibition runs 13th January - 22nd February 2015
360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122

That's not funny © Ilona Nelson

Well, it's been almost three years in the making... but it's nearly time for my solo show thispace.!  It's a new media series featuring photography, film, interactive installations, plus colouring-in and a giant blackboard for the kids.

thisplace. explores the realities and complexities of motherhood, questions what is left unsaid, and aims to start an honest conversation (without judgement!).  I've found it difficult to see exhibitions with my children and this show will definitely be kid friendly!  I want you to feel welcome to come in and hang out (it'd be great if mum groups used the space to catch up), to make noise, interact with the work, contribute to an installation with any thoughts about motherhood and what maternal means to you - you don't have to be a mum.  There'll also be an open studio happening next door so you'll be able to see art being made which I think is very, very cool.

I've got the whole room pictured in my head and it looks so awesome.  I hope I can pull it off.

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