20 June 2014


This Wild Song is an idea I dreamt up over a year ago and I didn't know how I was going to make it happen but just started the project anyway.  Fast forward to today and I have 25 amazing Australian artists who have agreed to have their portrait taken and be interviewed.  I admire all of these women and have been following their careers for a long time.

Last night I took a step back and realised I'm totally making my dreams come true!  I think my brain just registered what I have accomplished so far and I'm a little stunned.  Moral of the story is to DREAM BIG, you never know what will happen!

As far as the project goes there are currently 3 interviews on the blog, I have shot another 2, I have another 20 planned, and there are still about 5 artists who are possibly maybes.  It's the most ambitious project I have ever undertaken.  It will probably take me 2 years (at least) to complete these works when you take into account how long it will take to build sets and costumes, and to work in with the artists schedules.  I have so much energy for this project and to promote the wonderful talent of the artists (who happen to be women) we have in Australia.  

You'll find Behind The Scenes posts on this blog showing how I've made the photographs, and the completed portraits and interviews at thiswildsong.blogspot.com

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