18 July 2013

hey little world.



missing appearances.




screenshot of dissolve



The hey little world. series was created at Federation Square, Melbourne, during my time at Visible Studios, a short term Artist in Residence program curated by Sayraphim Lothian.

Federation Square looks quite industrial with all the exposed steel beams so I wanted to bring human and nature elements into each performance, while still keeping the imagery quite dark and cold looking.  Before I started shooting I spent a day in the space working out where I'd be able to climb and cram myself into, and what movements I could perform in response to the environment I was in.  I also did some filming for each location so stay tuned for a short film.... shortly!

Visible Studios was an amazing and awesomely fun experience.  I love the freedom of creating to create, not for a deadline.

Ps. you can check lots of behind the scenes pics here.

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