12 September 2012


I'm having lots of fun and adventures shooting some self portraits just for me, this was one of the more adventurous though..

I've wanted to take photos at this shell of a house for years and I recently plucked the courage to go do it (the sunshine had made me giddy)!  I loaded the pram with my cameras, tripod, wattle wreath and my almosttwoyearold, off we trudged but when I got there I almost chickened out as it's on a main road, it was broad daylight so everyone could see me and trespassing made me feel a bit naughty.  I recently read a quote which is something along the lines of - if you makes you feel like throwing up, do it.  So with that quote in mind I psyched myself up and got out the tripod then a family (yes, a family of 4 or 5) came to ask me what I was doing!  Turns out they own the property, I asked if it was okay to use the walls as a backdrop, which it was, phew! I was relieved to have their permission.  I would love to shoot some more work there so hopefully that doesn't push the friendship too much.....

I love the final image (above), it is what I envisioned plus it's exactly what I wanted to express.

Geeky stuff: photos were shot on Canon 7d and Diana cameras

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  1. Great pictures Ilona! Love the 3rd one down as well.


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