07 June 2011

A saturated shade of winter - Illy Photography

Nothing like some colour to cheer up a wintery day in Melbourne!  These siblings are gorgeous (inside and out) and were a dream to photograph, lots of fun was had..

This is the first time I've played with HDR but it works well for these two images;


  1. LOVE the colors! Gorgeous! And it's nice to think about it being winter somewhere. Record heat here has me longing for the dreary cold days of winter (of course, when they are back, I'll long for the hot summer days!)

  2. Thanks Amy! And how good is that art installation in your shot? Love it.
    I'm definitely a summer gal, I'll swap you seasons?? :)

  3. Hi how's it going? , like the photos, 2 questions: did u use Photoshop ? Why black balloons (Energy efficiency reference?) and Is that Justin bieber?

  4. Hey I'm good how are you? These are edited in Lightroom but I use a combo of Lightroom and Photoshop for most pics. I chose black balloons and clothes for the kids to keep it simple since they were going to be in front of saturated colours.

    And no not Justin, this guy's way nicer :)


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